Larry Campbell's Biography

Mr. Campbell has a BA in Social/Criminal Justice and earned his MA in Business and Organizational Security Management. He was a Captain in the U.S. Army, serving as Plans and Operations Officer and as Senior Leadership and Human Resource Manager. In those capacities, he was responsible for the safety, training, discipline, welfare, and readiness of soldiers, Military Police, K-9, and the Special Reaction Team (similar to SWAT); and vulnerability assessments, law enforcement support, and physical security support, respectively.

Mr. Campbell has worked for Durham Public Schools in Behavior Support and has been a regular substitute teacher at many grade levels at our school and another Core Knowledge school.  Before joining our staff, he was a frequent volunteer at Excelsior, utilizing his many talents to help the school in a variety of ways. Mr. Campbell is a retired Firefighter who is certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and who serves as a CPR instructor for the American Heart Association. He has anti-terrorism training and Non-violent Crisis Prevention training, and is the chair of Excelsior’s Emergency Response Team. As Director of Facilities and Security, Mr. Campbell works to maintain a safe and functional school environment.