Unit 1: Greetings/Introductions

To start the year we will be reviewing greetings and introductions and practicing using them in a conversation.  We will also introduce differentiating between formal and informal situations and using the appropriate form of “you”.


Hola-  Hello

Buenos Dias- Good morning

Buenas tardes- Good afternoon

Buenas noches- Good night

¿Como estas? – How are you? (informal)

¿Como esta usted? – How are you? (formal)

(Estoy) bien (gracias) (I’m) fine (thank you)

Mas o menos- Okay, so-so

(Estoy) mal- (I’m) not well

Estoy enfermo/a- I’m sick

¿Y tu/usted?- and you?

¿Como te llamas?- what is your name? (informal)

Me llamo __- My name is __

Adios- Goodbye

Hasta luego- See you later

Hasta mañana- See you tomorrow

Nos vemos- I’ll be seeing you (literally “We’ll see each  other”)