Interacting with Islands

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1. Draw and explain the 6 ways in which islands may form:
2 ways volcanic islands may form

Continental Drift


Build up of sand and sediment

Coral Reefs

2. In which way do you think each of these islands may have formed? Explain

Hawaiian Islands?

Outer Banks?


Draw the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria on the map. And draw the submerged continents of Zealandia and Kerguelen Plateau on the map.

What are the islands called on the Kerguelen Plateau?

What are the islands called on Zealandia?

How many continents do you think that there are? Name them.

Draw 4 pictures to help show how a volcanic island transforms from an island into a coral atoll.

Why are most coral reefs in the world found in the Pacific Ocean?

How do coral begin to form?

Why do coral larvae attach themselves to new volcanic islands?

How does subsidence relate to coral atolls?

Why do volcanic islands shrink?

What was it that Darwin got right?

Why do coral reefs help lead to more biodiversity in the Oceans?

Why does the Pacific Ocean have the most biodiversity?
Draw pictures to help illustrate the difference between Fringing Reefs, Barrier Reefs, and Coral Atolls.

Why causes sea levels to shift?

How does sea level shifting affect coral?