Excelsior Classical Academy welcomes applicants who are interested in working in a school with a classical curriculum inspired by “The Lost Tools of Learning,” an essay by Dorothy Sayers. We are seeking employees who are enthusiastic about and dedicated to our mission. Our school uses Core Knowledge in grades K-8 and Singapore Math in grades K-5. Teachers are expected to implement the curriculum with fidelity. We are looking for teachers who will build relationships with their students, hold high academic and behavioral expectations, promote a growth mindset, and make every child feel safe and welcome.

Our teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. It is not essential for every teacher to be licensed°, but teacher certification is preferred. All candidates must be able to clear a criminal background check.

°At least 50% of a NC charter school’s teachers must be licensed.

To apply, please send your completed application and current résumé with 3 references to Cynthia Gadol, Executive Director, or Monica Dodson, Grammar School Dean. Positions with an asterisk(*) must also include a 1-2 page reflection on the article Academic Tenacity. Please put “Applicant – [position title]” in the subject line of the email. If you prefer, you may mail your application to:

Excelsior Classical Academy
Attn: [Contact]
4100 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704

If you have questions, you may call (919) 213-8585, ext. 102.

Our school is growing! For the 2020-21 school year we need:

Grammar School (K-5) Behavior Specialist and ISS Coordinator* [Contact: Monica Dodson]

Third Grade Teacher* [Contact: Monica Dodson]

Core Knowledge Domainsª, CKLA, and Singapore Math for Third Grade

Fifth Grade Assistant Teacher [Contact: Monica Dodson]

Fifth Grade Science and Math Teacher* [Contact: Monica Dodson]

Singapore MathNC Science Standards, and Core Knowledge Science Domainsª for Fifth Grade

Middle Grades Science Teacher* [Contact: Cynthia Gadol]

Core Knowledge Science Domainsª and NC Science Standards for Seventh and Eighth Grades; Teacher will teach four sections of Seventh Grade Science and possibly one of Eighth Grade Science

Middle Grades Math Teacher* [Contact: Cynthia Gadol]

NC Standards for Seventh and Eighth Grade Math; Teacher will teach four sections of Seventh Grade Math and possibly one section of Eighth Grade Math

High School EC/Special Education Teacher* [Contact: Cynthia Gadol]

Upper School Counselor* [Contact: Cynthia Gadol]

Ninth Grade English I Teacher* [Contact: Cynthia Gadol]

Ninth Grade Logic Teacher* [Contact: Cynthia Gadol]

Terms, Statements, Truth Tables, Formal & Informal Arguments, Validity, Cogency, Formal & Informal Fallacies, Modes of Persuation, Debate, Legal Reasoning, Ethics, Probability, Inference, Proofs, Mills’ Methods of Induction

Music Teacher – Orchestra/Band* [Contact: Cynthia Gadol]

Instructional Coach* [Contact: Monica Dodson]

ªPlease see the Core Knowledge Sequence for Domains per grade. You may also want to see the Sequence at a Glance.


For bus driving positions, please provide copy of your Class B License with P & S endorsement or copy of proof of enrollment in NC Bus Driver Class. We will assist eligible candidates in obtaining their Class B Licenses but prefer drivers with at least two years experience.