Book Care Agreement

This will need to be signed and returned by December 17th, 2018


Book Care Agreement


Dear parents/guardians,

Due to the number of books being turned in to the ECA Media Center damaged, we now require both parent/guardian and student to sign the following agreement. We hope our books last us a long time so that students can continue to enjoy them. In the event a book is damaged beyond repair or is lost, it will need to be paid for at the cost of the list price. When this occurs, a form will be sent home with the book title and cost.
Please contact me with questions at

Thanks for your assistance and understanding,

Caitlin Hawks
By signing this form I agree to the following:

I will not rip or bend the pages.

I will not draw or write in or on my book.

I will not let siblings damage my book.

I will not let my pets damage my book.

I will not eat or drink around my book or put my book near beverages or my water bottle.

I will not lend my book to friends or family.

I will keep my book safe from the rain and other elements.

If a book is damaged in any way, I will not attempt to tape it at home or to fix it in any way. I will bring it to Mrs. Hawks and tell her honestly what happened and will let her attempt repair.

If I move away or leave the school, I will return my book before I leave.

I will turn my book in on time (in 14 days or fewer).

If I lose my book or damage it beyond repair, I will pay for it to be replaced.
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